Mississippi Valley Mayhem is hosting a roller derby clinic featuring Jackie Daniels and Smarty Pants. As experienced and talented skaters and coaches, Jackie Daniels and Smarty Pants will provide a two-day event filled with derby and learning. Skaters from all around are invited to attend the clinic. The weekend will conclude with a mixer on Sunday afternoon. All Skaters must be 18 years of age and have insurance.
Skaters will be required to sign waivers to be able to participate. Skaters will likely be most comfortable if WFTDA minimum skills have been passed. Though, passing minimal skills is not required; it is highly recommended.

June 10:
Two 3 hour session:
June 11:
One 3 hour session 10am-1pm;
Scrimmage from 2-4pm
Two days of clinic will be included in the weekend pass. The early bird pricing is $125 per person until April 18, 2017. After April 18, the price goes up to $150 per person. If only participating Saturday, the one day pass is $100. A one day pass for Sunday is $75.
Spectator passes are available for $50 for the weekend, or $30 for Saturday Day Pass and $20 for Sunday Day Pass.


– skates + gear
– black and white shirts
– water bottle
– food/snacks if desired
– wearing your name/number is helpful
– think about the temperature and if you’ll want to layer, need fresh socks, etc

See you at the track!

For lodging information visit www.explorelacrosse.com

About Jackie and Smarty:
Jackie Daniels and Smarty Pants are two of the most sought after coaches in roller derby. They are teammates on USA Roller Derby and Texas. Both skaters feel equally comfortable blocking or jamming and both are well known track leaders. They each have been involved in derby for over a decade as skaters and coaches and have taught thousands of skaters the sport. When you attend a JD and SP Clinic you will get their unique insight to the sport, how it’s being played right now, how that will impact how it’s played in the next season and what skaters need to focus on to bring their A game every time they step onto the track.

Jackie Daniels is among the most experienced skaters and coaches in roller derby. After 10 years as a key player within the worlds fastest growing sport, Jackie has become known through roller derby not only as a versatile player, a valued teammate, and a much sought-after coach and mentor.
For more info go to: http://jackiedaniels07.com/

Smarty Pants believes that there is potential in every skater, and she helps individuals, coaches, teams and leagues establish the timeline that is best suited for them to reach their key goals. When attending a session with Smarty you are guaranteed to walkaway with an entirely new learning experience and approach to whichever concept you are focusing on.
For more information go to: getsmartycoaching.com