Mississippi Valley Mayhem is hosting its 3rd Annual Summer Time Bruisin mixer event. The EPIC conclusion of Season 8 includes a total of 4 bouts between 4 mixed roller derby teams from around the tristate area including La Crosse’s MVM team.


The next home bout of the season is less than two weeks away! Your Mississippi Valley Mayhem will be taking on Confluence Crush in The FEMINEM Show on Saturday, July 9th at the Onalaska Omni Center.

MedCity Mafia Wins Over MVM

It came down to the very last jam! MedCity Mafia wins over Mississippi Valley Mayhem this past Saturday in Rochester, MN. Final score was 140 MVM, 142 MedCity Mafia.

MVM Travels to MedCity Mafia

Mississippi Valley Mayhem rolls into Rochester, MN for an away bout on Saturday, June 11th against MedCity Mafia in their last home bout of the season!

MVM Falls to Dakota City Demolition Crew

Mississippi Valley Mayhem suffers it’s first loss of the season against the Dakota City Demolition Crew last night. Final score was 109 MVM, 158 Dakota City Demolition Crew.

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